Biometric access control systems enable administrators to control access and to secure areas through physical, logical, electronic and wireless interfaces. It also helps you decide; who has access, which doors they have access to, what time they can gain access and under which conditions are they allowed access. Organizations of any size require dependable, innovative access control systems to secure their facilities.

We design biometric access control systems from entry-level smart card solutions to integrated building management systems. Our mission is to help your organization find the best solution for its needs. Our access control solution combines user interface devices, system hardware, and access control management software.

The Time Attendance Systems automate employee clock in and clock out by capturing reporting and leaving time. It brings about accuracy in the electronic staff register. This accuracy is achieved through identification of every employee by fingerprint, card, pin or facial recognition. Enabling multiple user authentication method has been at the core at enhancing the capabilities of our time attendance systems. These systems generate customized reports in various formats which can be easily integrated with payroll and HR systems.

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