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Knowing how to communicate with customers can be confusing. Should you and the business you’re working for be emailing, SMSing, connecting on social media or communicating via old-school snail mail? There are so many different methods, all with their own lists of pros and cons. But one method, whether for startups or global enterprises and everything in between, consistently appears to come out tops: bulk SMS marketing.

Bulk SMS Marketing Software Kenya
Bulk SMS messaging Kenya

What is bulk SMS marketing?

This is the distribution of a large number of text messages to users’ mobile phones. It’s an effective way to communicate with customers, wherever they are in their customer journey. Although this form of marketing has been around for many years, it remains the most effective way to reach your customers, improve customer engagement, and encourage conversions. It’s been found that text messages are opened 98 percent of the time compared to email’s 30 percent open rate. That means if you want to communicate with your customers, and of course you do, your chances of success are far better with an SMS than an email.

Who needs bulk SMS Software?

  • Businesses: They have a large base of users and clients that need to be reached at once with certain information. This may be information about future events, new products, or transactional information.
  • Enterprises: They send and receive bulk SMS to provide information to their customers. They also use bulk text messages to get feedback and notify their product users of transactions.
  • Schools: Schools can use bulk SMS to inform parents of upcoming events or activities in the school. It can also be used to remind parents of fees and give updates to the staff.
  • Individuals: Individuals use bulk text messaging for various things, like inviting guests to their events or marketing their products and services. 
  • Marketers: Marketers use text messages to spread the word about their client’s products and services. 

Types of Bulk SMS messages

Bulk SMS messages are part of our daily lives more than we realise. Here are the various use cases:

  • Service: When you sign up on a website and receive an OTP (One-time password), that is a service type of bulk SMS messaging. OTPs are used by a variety of enterprises to provide an extra layer of security for online users. They do this to verify that you are a real person and to provide an alternative if you forget your password. Birthday messages are also another type of service.
  • Promotional: A text message telling you about a product or service is promotional. Businesses and individuals use this to get more customers or buyers.
  • Transactional: This is the message you receive when you deposit or withdraw from your bank account. It is a transactional SMS preprogrammed by your bank to its customers. Banks and financial institutions use this.

When are bulk SMS used?

You can send a bulk text message for various reasons, and some best use cases are:

  • Promotions or special offers
  • Order or shipping updates
  • As a part of automation series like a cart abandonment SMS
  • Presenting new product launches
  • Sending customer surveys

Benefits of Using our software

Wider audience reach

According to a 2019 report, only 2.71 billion people use smartphones. Meanwhile, 5.11 billion people use mobile phones of any type. This makes it easier to reach more people since any type of cellphone can receive SMS while you need a smartphone to receive emails. So with SMS, you get about 100% more reach.

High Open Rate

Text messages get over 98% open rates, whereas a 30% open rate for emails you consider to be exceptional. Not everybody opens emails, but because of the nature and length of SMS you open them immediately

More targeting options

With bulk SMS marketing, you can target all your contacts or narrow it down to a smaller group. Now personalisation is easier and boosting the success of your campaign. It also encourages your recipients to respond more favourably because your message appeals specifically to them.

Higher response rates

Bulk SMS gets over 200% more response rates than any other form of communication. The reason is simple, SMS is simpler to read and respond to than emails. And they require lesser technical know-how and minimal effort. That is why businesses that market with SMS experience growth.

Short and Direct

The short nature of SMS means you can pass a powerful message quickly with just 160 characters. As opposed to emails that may be longer than some essays.


The cost of sending bulk SMS is low in comparison to other forms of marketing communication. And when you consider the ROI that it brings, then that’s a double dose of sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Suffice us to say that the benefits of bulk texting are endless, which is why we will stop with the points already given. Now that you know what bulk text messaging is and you know its effectiveness.

Why is bulk is this effective?

Sending out bulk SMS messages to your customers is fast and cost-effective. The vast majority of people have their phones with them throughout the day, so SMS offers the best chance of your message being read. More research has found that nine out of 10 people open text messages within three minutes of receiving them. Even if people are only opening the message to quieten the beeping and turn off the flashing incoming message alert, they could soon be drawn in by the messaging and special offers within. In addition, text messages are well-known for their reliable delivery of time-sensitive messages, making it your best bet to encourage customer engagement.

Bulk SMS software use has never been easier or more effective. With, you can send out mass notifications effortlessly and reliably. Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, customer updates, or crucial alerts, our Bulk SMS service can accommodate. The Bulk SMS service is:

Versatile: Designed to be programmable in your preferred language, you can integrate our services seamlessly into your existing systems.
Rapid: Enjoy the speed of instant delivery, ensuring your important messages reach your target audience in no time.
Scalable: Whether you’re sending messages to hundreds or millions, our Bulk SMS service is flexible enough to handle your needs, regardless of the scale.
Global: We offer a truly global service, capable of reaching every country in the world in mere minutes. Sign up for free, receive your API key, and you can start leveraging the power of Bulk SMS in under 5 minutes.