Caregiver alert SOS call buttons allow patients or the older people to alert nurses or caregivers at home if they need help. The system is in the form of alarm buttons or pendants that pair with separate pager or receiver units. While they’re fairly simple devices, wireless caregiver pagers can make life much easier for both caregivers and their patients.

When you press the alarm button, it will send a signal to the receiver or pager unit that sounds an alert to alert the caregiver. An in-home caregiver call button system is especially useful to the older people if they need help after falling or need assistance in going to the bathroom. In a home setting, this prevents the need for yelling across rooms. In a healthcare facility, a pager can allow older adults or patients to obtain assistance without inconveniencing other patients or residents.

Caregiver alert SOS call buttons in kenya
Caregiver alert pager kenya

Caregiver pagers and Smart Caregiver has a variety depending on your needs. Pagers can alert a caregiver in a remote location within the home or facility. Pagers allow caregivers the freedom to tend to other duties while feeling confident they will be alert when somebody need assistance.

Our caregiver pagers allow caregivers to be notified if an individual needs help at an economical price. Whether they have actively pushed the call button to ask for help or activated the sensor, their caregiver knows they’re on the move. Caregiver pagers are a great introduction product for new caregivers and their loved ones for aging in place. The Central Monitoring Unit can be placed at the nurses’ station to alert caregivers when residents are in need of assistance.

Features of our caregiver alert SOS call buttons

  • Alert Button for older people at Home. Our wireless fall alarm system alert caregivers when patients press the call button, sending a sound alarm to the pager. Setup is easy; place the call button on a flat surface or mount to a wall or have the patient wear it with the lanyard for rapid response.
  • Long Range Medical Alert System. This paging alarm system has a wireless caregiver pager with a switch and two alert tones to choose from. With a range of up to 300 feet, our monitoring alarm give caregivers the ability to take care of other tasks while in a different room. Making it a valuable part of your assistance products. Caregiver Alert Buttons: The wireless safety alarm pager by the caregiver, clip to clothes using the belt clip, or place in a convenient location for effective wireless monitoring of the patient. The pager and wireless panic button set do not contain latex and are safe to use with a pacemaker.
  • Easy To Use Call Button System. This pager system for older people, sick patients, or people with limited mobility, is easy to use. It is ready to set up right out of the box. The patient will wear one of the call buttons using the lanyard or mount it. When you press the button.You send an alert immediately to the caregiver pager.
  • Complete Paging System. Our emergency alert system for older people has a wireless pager with a range of up to 300ft. Also multiple alert options, a convenient lanyard, two wearable call buttons. It has two (2) AA batteries, two (2) 12v batteries an Instruction Manual, and a 90-day manufacturer warranty

System description

  • Firstly, The system enable the user to call a caregiver for help within a home or small facility
  • Also, System range of 500+ feet in open area;
  • Operates on 433 MHz radio frequency band
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • Call button transmitter may be worn as a pendant, carried in pocket, or placed near the patient
  • Call button transmitter is water-resistant
  • Receiver may be wall mounted, carried in pocket, or placed near the caregiver
  • Receiver features 23 melody sounds and 9 emergency sounds to choose from
  • Receiver has three signal options including light signals for users with limited hearing
    a) Sound only
    b) Light only
    c) Sound and light
  • Wireless receiver features adjustable volume level and low battery indicator
  • 16 digital codes built in to ensure that another unit being operated close-by will not interfere
  • Requires 3x AAA and 1x CR-2032 batteries (not included)
  • Price includes one red (WCBT-1) Wireless transmitter.
  • Lastly, One year warranty


When you press the caregiver alert sos buttons, they will send a signal to the pager to alert the caregiver. Call buttons can be worn around the neck or fix to the bed or wall. This fall prevention alarm enables residents to call for help before they get up or fall and fracture a hip.

This simple, streamline system will allow you to eliminate in-room alarm noise and with a range of up to 300 ft. As a result, caregivers have the freedom they need. Furthermore, Easy Push-Button Operation The call buttons can be worn about the neck using the provided lanyard strap. Also you can mount them on the wall using the provided plastic cradle for easy access. In addition to that, Versatile Pocket-Sized Pager The Caregiver Pager has two audible sounds. You choose from these two and is small enough to carry in a pocket or clip to a belt.

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