1. 24-7 Access

With a caregiver alert system, seniors or patients who live alone or spend a significant amount of their day by themselves can get the 24-hour assistance they need in case of a fall or chronic medical condition attack.

  1. Emergency Help ASAP

We know that time matters in an emergency. Seniors or patients who receive assistance in the hour following an emergency fair better, whether they’re experiencing a fall, heart attack or other medical issue.

  1. Added comfort

Having 24/7 help available can allow the care recipient to continue aging in peace. The user gets to retain more of their autonomy too, which is great for those who may be resistant to the idea of giving up their independence.

  1. Easy To Operate

Caregiver alert systems are simple to operate. It’s as simple as pushing a button. Technology is an uncomfortable topic for most seniors, so the easier a device is to operate, the better. Caregiver alert systems have been designed to deploy an emergency message easily during times of crisis.

5. No Wi-Fi Needed

So much of our everyday technology is going the way of the internet of things. But with caregiver alert systems, no one gets left behind because of a lack of wireless internet in their house.

6. Cost effective

The caregiver alert system is easily affordable and durable.

7. Independence

Caregiver alert system preserve’s a senior’s sense of independence. As people age, everyone needs to maintain some sense of personal agency. The fact that you now have a device which can provide you with assistance in the event of an accident means you will be able to feel safe and comfortable even when on your own. With age comes greater reliance on others, but holding on to a sense of self-reliance can prove a vital life force. It’s a force that can keep people alive for many golden years.

8. Discrete and comfortable to wear

A caregiver alert system will include a wearable device to allow you to trigger the alarm wherever you are. They are typically designed with comfort and discretion in mind so they can be worn and carried wherever you go without any distraction.

1. All prices are VAT inclusive.

2. Payment terms: 70% down payment with the LPO and 30% after delivery and set up.

3. Lead time 14 days.

4. There shall be a small installation, configuration and training fee depending on the size of the project
and site location.

5. Warranty 1 year

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