1. Simplified Front Office Tasks

Hotel Management Software will vastly cut down the time you spend on manual administrative tasks. The software does the majority of the work and lets you divert your time to more important tasks, such as serving your guests.

2. Streamlined Check-ins/outs, Bookings and Billing

Hotel Management Software helps hotel staff perform tasks and processes, such as check-in/out, guest requests, housekeeping status, room maintenance, bookings, billing option with ease.

3. Centralized Reservation System

A cloud-based system allows you to keep real-time tabs on all sold and unsold inventory irrespective of the source of the booking.

4. Accurate Daily Reports

Hotel management, finance and marketing teams will have access to accurate daily earnings reports.

5. Reduced Costs

Less human involvement is required in many day-to-day processes, as most tasks are computerized and automated.

6. Improved Guest Experience

Hotel management software enhances customers experience the use of online check-in and check-out systems, which allow for much more seamless arrivals and departures.

7. Better Revenue Management

Hotel management software can allow you to optimize pricing and distribution, using past data, existing data in the books and wider industry data to help you to accurately anticipate demand. They help hotel
owners and operators in making better strategic decisions which ultimately contributes to profit maximization. This is made possible through analytics and data.

8. Inventory Management and Tracking
Hotel management system keeps you updated on the actual inventory status of your hotel.

9. Increased Productivity

This is easily achieved as all tasks and operations are automated. This means that you won’t have to manually carry out certain activities, like generating invoices, checking in on stock status, inventory etc.

10. Real time monitoring

The hotel owner or manager can monitor the status of each booking, adjust or change rates, review performance results whenever and wherever.

Our Hotel Management System Modules

  •  Front office 
  • Reservation 
  • House-keeping 
  • Restaurant 
  • Inventory 
  • Purchase
  • Supplies
  •  Gym and spa
  •  Hotel transfers
  • Accounts
  • Payroll

1. All prices are VAT inclusive.

2. Payment terms: 70% down payment with the LPO and 30% after delivery and set up.

3. Lead time 14 days.

4. There shall be a small installation, configuration and training fee depending on the size of the project
and site location.

5. Warranty 1 year

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