Keypad Manual

New K-999 Keypad Transmitter User Manual


To turn on/off this keypad, press “A” key 3 for seconds, you will hear a beep sound,.
Note: when connected to power, it will turn on automatically.


If you want to check the digital tube is complete, press this key.


The keypad will send a signal to the receiver to prompt if the distance exceeds the
maximum range


You can choose the partition from A-E and 0-9. For example, in area 8, you will select
“8”. Then set the LCD receiver to “8” or “ON”. “ON” means it will receive signals
from all partitions, this function is in F7—E1 in the LCD display.
After pairing, press any number on the keypad to call. This number will show on the
LCD display with clear voice prompting.


This key calls the customer one by one, it has 2 options:
1—Single counter
For example from 001, it will skip to 002 if you press this key, then 003, 004, 005, 006……
2—Many counters
For example if counter 1 press this key, 001, will skip to 002, if counter 2 press this
key it will skip to 003 and so on…….
Note: For this function to operate, one must open the “Partition function”.
Press the “0” key 3 seconds, to turn on/off the operating sound.
Press the “*” key for 3 seconds to know whether the “Partition function” is open or
not. When you see the last 3 digits have small red dot, it means the partition is open.
By default this function is turned off, so the small red dot will not appear.
F1-F3-F4-ENT: call function. F2—cancel function