1. Instant communication

With a nurse call system, relevant staff can be contacted immediately. This makes for convenience as well.

2. Less burden on the other staff and communication lines

This reduces the workload of the switchboard staff that is responsible for the communications between nurses,
doctors, and patients. It also relieves the telephone lines from congestions.

3. Adaptability

This form of technology is highly versatile and can be adaptable to most situations within a hospital or care home facility .The system can also be installed at healthcare institutions that didn’t make use of it before.

4. Cost effective

This type of technology allows nurses to monitor different zones from a centralized location and this can help reduce costs in terms of staffing.

5. Improved communication

There is an increase in the quality of communication when Nurse Call systems get implemented.

6. More information

available to nurses at a glance An alert displays room and bed number.

7. Higher patient satisfaction

When patients get adequate, quick and efficient care, it makes them comfortable, more relaxed, happy and in turn, it increases their recovery rate. Nurse Call system makes the above possible, Nurse Call system makes the work environment more comfortable for doctors, nurses, and staff.

8. Fewer disturbances

Nurse Call systems also reduce the amount of disturbance the patient can potentially cause. The naturally discrete nature of the process allows minimal distractions in the hospital.

9. Simplicity in use

Nurse Call systems are fast, efficient and easy to use. The simplicity of its interface requires little technical knowhow to begin its operation. They are no wire hanging out in the open and nurse could have the option of
wearing a device to make the alerts even more immediate.

10. Saves lives

1. All prices are VAT inclusive.

2. Payment terms: 70% down payment with the LPO and 30% after delivery and set up.

3. Lead time 14 days.

4. There shall be a small installation, configuration and training fee depending on the size of the project
and site location.

5. Warranty 1 year

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