Programmable school automatic bell systems are critical to the daily operations of a school. As a matter of fact,the bell system is typically what will signal the start and the end of the school day. In addition,the automatic bell system will signal throughout the day class change automatically without human interference. Likewise, this system can work in schools, educational institutions, industries and other business where the bell timer plays a critical role in running the day.

Automatic school bell systems are critical to the daily operations of a school. Moreover, it can be a physical device, a bell or buzzer that operates on a contact relay to turn it on and off.

Automatic school bells
Programmable school automatic bell

The physical device can be a bell, a buzzer or basically any device for which is powered to activate something like a rocker arm that will produce a sound for the start or end of an event. Therefore, the master bell systems are not narrowly defined by a physical ringing type device.

It can also be a speaker system where a bell or chime tones automatically play at the appropriate time. As a result, in schools programmable school are used throughout the day and can be employed on different schedules. Consequently, he bell scheduling software that accompanies the master is easy to use, simple to install and schedule changes are uncomplicated to administer.

They are as important for a school as any other aspect of the school day is. The sound of a bell will signal to teachers, students and administrators the start of the day.  The bell system is used throughout the day to signal class changes.

Many schools have the bell sound so that the student can switch to a different room to learn and engage in a new subject.

Advantages of our programmable school automatic bell

  1. Inbuilt programmable microcontroller.
  2. Inbuilt back up battery for the microcontroller.
  3. 80 programmable ringing schedules.
  4. Has a dual functionality option (either manual or automatic).

This standalone hardware device will ring school bell at specific times of day (all periods) on each day, of the week. Typically, COM time switch will ring school bells. It can also apply in other applications where you want a sound to play at preset times. The device is for schools, educational institutions, industries and other business houses where the bell timer plays a critical role in running the day. The device shows the real time clock during normal operation and a beep announces each bell. Different timings for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday (all days differently) are provided. The device can be set to ring up to 20 different bells per day with variable bell ring duration for each bell.


1. Firstly, LCD Display: 32-character digital display
2. Also its aStand-alone machine, no computers to program or maintain the ringing schedule.
3. Output Devices: Any electrical device like, a bell, hooter, or siren is ok.
4. Back up battery to maintain the clock and program.
5. Difference between APNB & APB:
6. Modes: 05 Modes of operation
7. Weekly off:
8. Monthly off:
9. Half day:
10. Second Saturday: User second Saturday option.
11. Time accuracy is in microseconds.
12. Lastly, you can connect multiple numbers of electronic bells:

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