1. Queuing systems improve processing Speed

Less staff members are required to operate the transactions when queuing customers are engaged with fast and efficient pace. More customers can be served if they are ushered to each counter efficiently.

2. Convenience to the customers

A queue management system issues a customer reference for each arriving customer, each reference representing the position of a respective customer within a queue, thus, eliminating the need to stand in line while waiting.

3. You can keep track of the clients serviced in a day

At the end of the day you can get the number of clients attended to per till/counter.

4. Keep queues organized

At busy times, queues can often become longer than the queuing area and people who aren’t ready to wait in line might cause disturbance and annoyance.

5. Improve staff efficiencies to up sales and profitability

By using a queuing system which automatically calls shoppers forward to the next available register, staff can focus on serving customers.

6. Optimize costs

Queuing systems have the ability to provide you with insightful data to understand customer affluence, behavior patterns and distribution throughout your environment. This data can be translated to create a strategic plan as to where you place your staff throughout the day.

7. Decreases average wait times

A more efficient hailing process increases customer flow and drives down average wait times.

8. Economical

You don’t need too many staff to maintain the system. Hence cutting on your wage bill

1. All prices are VAT inclusive.

2. Payment terms: 70% down payment with the LPO and 30% after delivery and set up.

3. Lead time 14 days.

4. There shall be a small installation, configuration and training fee depending on the size of the project
and site location.

5. Warranty 1 year

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