Rectangular pager Manual

K-TP20 Pager System User Manuals

settFunction key: Enter menu, ENT key, Confirm key 
Hold down for 3 seconds when turning ON/OFF

lxShift key: Navigate the menu
Cancel the alarm when warning


-F1 Register number
Press the sett key, it will display F1, then press this key again, to display — on the screen, you can choose any number from 001-999 on the keyboard transmitter (charger station), such as “001”, then press the “ENT”, the number 001 will show on the pager screen, it means this number has been registered  successfully. Press the “ENT”/F1/F2 on the keyboard, the pager will sound and vibrate.

Note: F1 and F2 on the keyboard are service type. F3 means “cancel”

-F2 Voice Switch
       0 stand for OFF and 1 means ON

-F3 Vibration Switch
       0 stand for OFF and 1 means ON

-F4 Flicker Switch
       0 stand for OFF, 1 means Marquee(Horse Race Lamp) and 2 means Full Bright

-F5 Prompting Time
       01 means 10 seconds, …… 09 means 90 seconds, and 00 means prompt all the

-F9 Factory Reset
        Enter F9, press ENT key, adjust 001 to 000, then press confirm key.


Low Power Prompting
        When the battery is low power, the pager screen will show “LLL” while flashing
and beeping. Please charge in time.