Introduce your customers to the invisible queue. With restaurant coaster and pager, you give the customer the freedom to wait where they wish before their order is ready. This will reduce congestion at arrival and improve your work efficiency.

Restaurant coaster and pager is a great way to maximize customer throughput at your facility. Rather than have a logjam of customers at your cashier desk. Each waiting party receives a pager to discretely alert them when their order is ready. Not only do you minimize crowds in your waiting area. But you also eliminate the headache of shouting names over a busy crowd. This might result in mispronouncing names, or calling the wrong party.

The system is a 999-channel keypad with wireless receivers. Each receiver has a digital number. When the client places an order, they will be issued with one numbered receiver. When the order is ready, the cashier will press the keypad to call the number on the receiver; the client will get an alert through the buzzer/vibration/LED indications.

restaurant coaster and pager
restaurant coaster and pager

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