Restaurant pagers and coasters are a great way to maximize customer throughput at your facility. Therefore,rather than have a logjam of customers at your host’s desk, each waiting party has a pager to discretely alert them when their order is ready. Not only do you minimize crowds in your waiting area, but you also eliminate the headache of shouting names over a busy crowd, mispronouncing names, or alerting the wrong client.

Introduce your customers to the invisible queue. With wireless coasters and pagers, you give the customer the freedom to wait where they wish before their order is ready. As a result,this will reduce congestion at arrival and improve your work efficiency.

The system has a 999-channel keypad and portable receivers. Each receiver has a number. The client will place an order and get a receiver. When the order is ready, the cashier will press the keypad to call the number on the receiver; the client will get an alert through the buzzer/vibration/LED indications.

Restaurant coasters and pagers
Restaurant coasters and pagers in Kenya

We offer efficient and reliable restaurant pagers and coasters to streamline communication in your business. With 10 years of experience, our restaurant pager and coaster systems have will revolutionize the industry. We serve many restaurant owners and pager dealers in the world.

People love to eat out. How many times have you gone to a restaurant and had to wait for a table? It used to be that someone would take your name and then yell out or call over an intercom when your table was ready. Some restaurants still do this, but many now use restaurant pagers.

How does the system work

Here’s how it works:

  1. You will place an order and get a pager
  2. The guest pays; he then has only to sit quietly (or wait outside the establishment), before going to get his meal.
  3. When his meal is ready, a signal is sent to the Pager System from the kitchen.
  4. ThePager System rings andtells the customer that he can go and get his order at the counter.
  5. At the counter, he exchanges his pager for his dish, and returns to his table.

You’ve probably seen these devices. The pager is a small plastic box that the hostess hands to you when she takes your name. You are then free to roam about within the immediate vicinity of the restaurant. Eventually, the pager will light up or vibrate, signaling that your table is ready. You take the pager back to the hostess and are led to your table.

Experience the best restaurant pager system in America and instantly see faster table turnover and improved customer experience. Choose from red, green or blue pagers to compliment your restaurant’s atmosphere. Be one of the thousands of restaurants across the country with an enjoyable seating experience provided by us.

Benefits of restaurant pagers and coasters:

  • Instantly call staff and managers to provide immediate assistance when necessary
  • Increase staff productivity and enhance the customer experience
  • Create a more efficient order pick-up process free of front counter congestion


  • 【3 Notification Modes】With British Standard Plug. The buzzer, vibration and flash modes of the pager will improve the efficiency at work, removing the need to look for the customers in a large working environments. You can adjust the prompt time to up to 99 seconds to ensure customers receive the notification.
  • 【Long-distance Transmission】With 656ft/200m transmission distance, there’s no need for customers to wait in line or for staff to shout out numbers or names of customers. Enabling reasonable social distancing and reducing crowds, providing customers and staff a safer and peaceful environment.
  • 【Multiple-paired Functions】Capable of paging multiple pagers at the same time; no need to continuously reset or delete the previous data.
  • 【Water Resistant】With the water and oil proof touch pad, the pager system is ideal for restaurant, coffee shop, food truck, and other environments where accidental water spills are common. Can also be used in clinics, hospitals, churches, libraries, car garages, etc.
  • 【Customizable Settings】The calling number of each pager can be modified easily according to your requirements. They can be set the numbers from 1-998; Prompt time is adjustable up to 99 seconds; Space for logo to be applied.

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