1. Excellent dining atmosphere

A wireless calling system eliminates bells or raised voices in the hotel/restaurant, improving the dining atmosphere and increasing repeat business.

2. Enhanced productivity

Calling systems allow team members to complete tasks more efficiently. They don’t need to stop what they are doing to take an order. Your team can be engaged in other productive chores as they wait for the alerts.

3. Enhanced customer satisfaction

Calling systems acknowledge and satisfy a guest’s needs immediately. Guests no longer need to worry about trying to catch the attention of waiters during peak time.

4. Analytics

Calling systems allows you to gain access to intelligence in patterns in which orders are placed. You can also adjust offers and menus in line with the data that you gain.

5. Easy to use and durable in function.

Wireless calling systems run their own frequency, which is your security for constant operation. It takes minutes in training to any new waiter, and signals such as vibration or beep or flash is understood in any language.

6. Cost effective

Unlike manpower, restaurant calling systems are one time investments. Hiring more individuals bring a certain unpredictability into your business. Plus, monthly allowances add up and can take a lump sum out of your
annual budget.

7. Increase in sales

Customers can view your menu and prices simply and conveniently. This provides the customer with much more time to ponder over what they would like, rather than feeling under pressure and making a hasty decision.

8. Organization and efficiency

Calling systems allow for businesses to more efficiently. Allowing servers to better utilize their time, waiter paging systems eliminate the continuous need for servers to visit the tables frequently to check on orders.

1. All prices are VAT inclusive.

2. Payment terms: 70% down payment with the LPO and 30% after delivery and set up.

3. Lead time 14 days.

4. There shall be a small installation, configuration and training fee depending on the size of the project
and site location.

5. Warranty 1 year

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