Our Services


As experts in our fields we offer professional advice on the best and affordable systems in the market. We commit to guide our clients into getting reliable and sustainable solutions.


Chexx Automations is composed of highly-skilled and motivated individuals who provide cutting edge solutions. Our team of professionals is celebrated for designing robust and tailor-made solutions which are synonymous with quality and value for money.


Chexx Automations is dedicated to providing solutions to organizations not merely selling systems. The success of our installation is based on our technical team unmatched expertise and strong commitment to deliver. We believe that our personnel are distinctive in the work they do, their ability to think out-of-the-box and in their execution abilities.


At the end of each installation, our technical team engages our clients in an extensive and comprehensive training. There are two levels of training for the systems

  • End user training
  • Admin training


We pride ourselves on installing high quality equipment with excellent after sales service. Our technical team provides unlimited and prompt support both on-site and offsite. To boost our support system, we have created a Whatsapp channel where we have uploaded demo videos for configuration and operation of our systems. By clicking on the links below, our clients can subscribe to get FREE demo videos for our products.

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