School programmable electric bell systems are critical to the daily operations of a school. Most schools use audible bells to signal the start and end of class, recess, lunch and other activities.The bell system is typically what will signal the start and the end of the school day. The automatic bell system signals class changes automatically without human interference. This system is most suitable for schools, educational institutions, industries and other business where the bell timer plays a critical role in running the day.

The bell rings at the start of each period without any human intervention to a great degree of accuracy. The time schedule results are compared with that obtained with a clock. School programmable electric bell Features of our  automatic bell

  1. Inbuilt programmable microcontroller.
  2. Inbuilt back up battery for the microcontroller.
  3. 80 programmable ringing schedules.
  4. Has a dual functionality option (either manual or automatic)