In simplicity, our wireless waiter alert system consists of two parts. Call Buttons for guests, and notification receiving equipment operated by the staff. The simplistic setup for anyone to understand and use the products. Regardless of age or prior knowledge of the products. Press a button and receive service.

Have you ever been in a situation that you are ready to take your order in a restaurant? but you cannot find the waiter or waitress anywhere? Restaurant calling system is a wireless solution to call waiters with the press of a button. Firstly, you install a remote button on every table. On press of the call button, the respective number is on the receiver console.

We also have chef waiter alert system. The chef can alert a waiter via a transmitter that the food order for a particular table is ready. And waiting to be collected. The waiter will receive the alert on their personal pager either through vibration, flash or beep tone. This eliminates raising voices from the kitchen sustaining a peaceful eating environment.

Our ¬†waiter call system is strategic to innovate the way the hospitality industry interact with their guests. We have a system set, and continue to improve, a solution with true benefit and no downsides or compromises on existing infrastructure, management or staff procedure – a unique accomplisment on its own. We strongly believe that “if you don’t keep evolving and meet guest expectation” you will see a business move elsewhere. With the solutions we offer, we bring you closer to your guests, improve their experience, and they in return will thank you by spending more. Happier guests and more money at the end of the day. How’s that for a win-win situation?

Waiter Alert System
Wireless Waiter Alert Systems

About this system

  •  Special programme, could not work with other pagers. And the watch receiver APE6600 which fulfilment by Amazon is different, could not work with this system. Please contact us for more details) (“For APE100” just a sticker for distinguish, can be easily removed) 01.Without any host or control center, directly receive signals of pager.
  • 02.With manual/automatic power saving function. 03.Two prompt modes of vibration and music.
  • 04.LCD display with sleep function,effectively extending the standby time.
  • APE100: 01.A new generation of multifunctional take number device 02.Supporting – fluid dedicated hosting and WanShi watch
  • 03.Can realize any call number, can continuous call and repeated call 04.Can a single call and also can group call

This wireless waiter calling system can be widely used in restaurants, hotels, coffee bars, supermarkets, shopping mall, banks, hospitals etc. How does the wireless waiter calling system works? For wireless display system, the call button is installed at each table/room and so on.

When customers need services, they just need to press the button on the table. The table number will call on the screen and then waiters can know the table information through the display screen and give services. For wireless pager system, the call button is on each table. When customers are ready to order or to pay the bill, they will push the button, the waiter will receive via a wrist watch pager to see the table number which is calling and promptly responds. If there is confusion with a customer’s order or when meals are ready, the kitchen staff will use the palm transmitter to alert the waiter.

Waiter alert system operation

With a wireless calling system for restaurant, guests no longer need to raise their hands or yell for service, they just need to call the staff with a push button. The waiter will quickly provide the service for customers by seeing the demand prompt from the display receiver or wrist watch pager.

Benefits of wireless waiter calling system: Firstly, the service is more accurate, reducing the rush of staff back and forth, which improves the overall operational efficiency of the business. Secondly, it makes guests feel like royalty, capturing more repeat customers and increasing business revenue. Finally, it creates a quiet atmosphere and enhances the corporate image.

In addition to restaurants (fast food, casual and fine dining ), cafes, hotels, and hospitals also benefit from using the wireless service calling system.

Direct communication between waiters and chefs will ensure orders go out quicker, tables turn faster and the food remains fresh and hot. Kitchen staff can alert waiters via a transmitter that the food order for a particular table is ready.

Our system is the perfect tool to help you increase profit. Get more money improving your staff workflow and efficiency. Keep in touch all time with customers. Your guest scan the QR code on the table to call waiter or ask for check. Also, by a simple touch on a tablet display, the kitchen staff call the waiter to get foods when are ready for delivery.

The waiter with the wrist watch pager will receive customers’ requests anytime and anywhere so no messages will be lost. The monitoring software option will record all the information from the table call button and the time taken to respond.

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