Wireless nurse call system is a system you install next to a hospital bed that allows patients in health care set up to alert a nurse or other health care staff member remotely of their need for help. The display receivers are at the nurse station while patients have call buttons with them. When they need to call the nurse they press the button to send signals. The receiver at the nurse station will notify the corresponding patient by flashing the number similar to the patient’s bed. The nurse presses the cancel button after attending to the patient.

In order to provide high-quality health care in modern hospital premises, it is necessary to establish a communication system between the nurses and the patients. The basis of the system is its central panel on which individual calls appear. There may be an unlimited number of mobile buttons or signaling units connected to the panel.

Wireless nurse call Kenya

Key sucess of hospitals is that how promptly you attend to the patient and how fast are the emergency calls . Our wireless nurse call system strategy is to innovate the way the hospital industry interact with their patients. We have created, and continue to improve, a solution with true benefit and no downsides or compromises on existing infrasture, management or staff procedure – a unique accomplisment on its own. With the solutions we offer, we bring you closer to your patients, ensuring them better care and attention. How’s that for a win-win situation?
Our wireless call buttons fitted beside patients bed help patients to call the nurses with just one click,they can even press the button just laying down on the bed,using the extension cord.

Benefits of wireless nurse call

  • The quality of care delivered to the patients
  • Immediately calls the nurses to provide additional assistance
  • Entire wireless solution without any cabling
  • Cost-effective future-proofing of Hospital Estates

Implementing an effective nurse call system is crucial for enhancing patient care, improving staff efficiency, and ensuring a timely response to patient needs in healthcare settings. It’s essential for these systems to comply with healthcare regulations, including those related to patient privacy and data security.

Our system is an intelligent, interactive nurse call system that digitalizes healthcare administration and health information management, easing the workflow process. It is special for healthcare personnel working in hospitals, clinics, care homes, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions.

Combine your nurse call system with healthcare management and nursing documentation in one device. Wide installation possibilities are at your disposal, with the option of connecting your current nurse call systems, regardless of the brand, or using the existing installation in your building.

Why use our Wireless nurse call system?

Further, the repeater devices enhances signal range and guarantees seamless connectivity throughout the healthcare facility. Thereby, making it a reliable and efficient choice. With this cutting-edge technology, patients can rest assured that their needs will be attended promptly. And moreover, medical professionals can work with ease and confidence.

Patients rely on the nurse call system when in need of assistance, while nurses rely on the nurse call system to coordinate work. In order to handle the highly mobile nature of nurses’ work, a wireless nurse call system  is necessary. In light of findings from previous research that identify challenges associated with wireless nurse call systems, we have conducted qualitative and ethnographically inspired fieldwork, i.e. workshops including both ordinary and student nurses to describe nurses’ present system use. We further identify challenges related to wireless nurse call system usage, in particular how nurses manage the interruptive nature of wireless nurse calls so as to ensure continuous patient support. Our analysis acknowledges that High Reliability Organization (HRO) principles are transferable to a hospital organization. Further, we suggest that technology should facilitate and strengthen the redundancy of function.

Wireless nurse call system  visually and audibly alert nursing staff for use in hospitals and clinics. If action from nurses is too slow, this system can make an alert or send an alert. Immediate Short Message Services (SMS) message to nurses and administrators advising them of the tardy response. The logging program has been designed to record the time and location of all calls. As a result, it is very easy to operate to monitor, record and print reports.


Our Wireless Nurse Call System is a game-changing innovation that simplifies healthcare communication. With its user-friendly remote controllers, patients can now summon nurse on duty. Besides, the device elements needs no wiring or installation. What’s more to this, the medical staff can easily operate the nurse station without any difficulty. In addition, the 24×7 nurse station data logger is a crucial patient call. The attended time information is accurately recorded and readily available at all times.

The wireless nurse call systems that we provide offer pendant transmitters that can be used by patients to request staff assistance. Also to notify staff if a patient falls or attempts to leave his/her assigned location. There are multiple methods of communication using wireless nurse call. PC console or wireless pager, LED reader board, or phone text messages are many methods of notification. Wireless nurse call allows staff to receive text messages notifying them of calls or reminders including patient information. Smoke detection, motion detection, bed/chair exit pads, equipment status, and mass energy notification are a few other features of wireless nurse call.

Nurse Call Systems are designed to alert the nurses in case of medical emergency or need for care. To provide the best possible environment for patients and their families during a time of suffering, Our Wireless Nurse Call System can be quickly and easily used and installed.

By using this system .Patients from anywhere inside or outside the room to press their personal wrist call button. Medics can receive alarm information on a variety of devices such as pendant receivers or corridor light receivers. It also supports a custom software system. In the current market wireless technologies are a rapidly growing trend in healthcare

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