A wireless video door phone is a piece of in-unit hardware that a resident can use to speak to and grant entry to a visitor at the entryway of their building. As opposed to a traditional door phone, a wireless video door phone communicate with the hardware at a door’s entryway using wireless technology. It also has a camera that allow a resident to see their visitor during their conversation.

Looking to install or replace your property’s door entry system? Therefore,You have a lot of choices. Firstly, Ensuring convenient yet secure access for residents, visitors, and couriers is one of the most crucial aspects of property management. You might be looking for a wireless video door phone, but is it right for your property?

Wireless video door phone kenya
Wireless video intercom

In this post, we explain what a wireless video door phone is and how it works. Then, we go over the limitations of a wireless video door phone and offer alternatives.

Wireless video door phones are installed on every type of property. In residential buildings, each unit has its own door phone to allow every resident to interact with the front door intercom and buzz in their visitors. However, on a commercial property, commercial tenants might choose to direct all door entry requests to one, central door phone staffed by a front desk or a receptionist.

A wireless video door phone system has three components:

  • Door phone. Tenants use door phones to speak to their visitors and grant them property entry. A door phone might be an existing landline that has a wire into the door phone system. Also it might be a piece of hardware you install expressly for the purposes of granting door entry. Usually, a video door phone will be special because it must include a video screen for residents to view real-time video of their visitors.
  • Base station. Base stations are the devices installed at the building’s entrance. They include directories that a visitor uses to select their intended resident and microphones and speakers that allow visitors to talk to residents. A video door phone base station also has a camera that transmits a video feed of a visitor to a tenant with a door phone.
  • Electric lock. The electric lock is the physical part of the door phone system that disengages to allow a visitor to open the door. Residents use a button on their door phone to disengage the electric lock without having to walk all the way down to the front door.


  • Wireless operation – camera and monitor can operate from up to 492ft (150m)* away
  • Remotely and securely talk to visitors and unlock doors or gates via the monitor
  • Monitor can be carried around the premises while talking to the visitor
  • Connect up to two additional monitors and one additional camera†
  • Intercom calling between paired monitors†
  • Camera has built-in IR LEDs for nighttime use
  • Camera powered by 9~16 VAC/5~16 VDC
  • Camera includes a built-in PIR sensor that activates the camera and takes photos of the visitor when they approach
  • Monitor includes a kickstand
  • Monitor front door at any time
  • Egress input
  • 170° wide field of view
  • Adjustable camera pan and tilt angle—up to 20° from centerline in any direction—to allow for mounting variations

Our Wireless video doorbell with an indoor 7-inch color monitor and HD IR outdoor camera ,and combines many functions in one: surveillance, unlock,hands free call and talk, etcis, provides added security and convenience to you and your family.

You can use wireless video door phone in apartment,hotel,villas,office,building and so on. The system is composed of outdoor camera,indoor monitor such two parts, the outdoor camera. It is easy to install,you can use the indoor monitor where the wireless signal can reach. It also has indoor monitor can hang on the wall ,cabinet,can also be place on the desk, tea table,dining table.

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